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Moringa Oil - 1 Litre

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Moringa oil is extremely rich in phytonutrients and can make a great impact on your overall health. This nutrient-dense oil is famous for its anti-aging properties; it helps removes wrinkles and prevents the sagging of facial skin as well.

Moringa oil also helps fight skin fatigue and its oil secretion. Known for its outstanding properties of curing acne. It helps cures minor skin cuts, rashes or even burns. For your hair, moringa oil moisturizes your scalp and helps gain stronger hair, fight dandruff and split end.

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  • Volume: 500ml
  • Contains anti-aging properties
  • Moringa oil is high in protein and oleic acid, a monounsaturated, healthy fat.
  • Natural glow
  • Fights acne, black heads and dark spots
  • Cures cuts, burns and rashes
  • Moisturizes scalp
  • Fights dandruff and split ends
  • Used for Cholesterol management.
  • Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory.
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